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Our feet are more critical body parts than we often think as they are the part that is responsible for supporting and balancing our body. Thus, structural/functional alterations and/or deformities on our feet may directly/indirectly lead to adverse outcomes for our joints/muscles, which have a strong association with our overall health.


A custom orthotic is a prescribed medical device, which is worn inside a person’s shoes to assist people with biomechanical imbalance issues during walking, standing, and running by allowing one’s foot and ankle to align in a most anatomically optimal position. By improving the imbalance issues, also directly/indirectly decreases the chance of injury related to imbalance, improve tolerance to activities, and protect joints by reducing stress, pain, and strain on your body. It is known to be especially helpful for people with deformities on their feet as the device assists to improve the mobility and balance of people with deformities.

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As a prescribed medical device, it is a preferred treatment for people experiencing discomfort/deformities on their feet or Plantar Fasciitis. Custom orthotics improve the wellnesses of these people by decrease muscular tiredness and enhance mobility by promoting muscle efficiency. Custom orthotics also be helpful for people who:


  • Actively play sports​

  • Experience chronic joint pain

  • Stand for a long time related to work

  • Have foot leg/foot injuries

  • Flat feet/High arches

  • Have foot-related disorders, including patellofemoral syndrome, plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, metatarsalgia, dropped metatarsal heads, arthritis, tendonitis, mechanical low back pain, and heel spurs


In Jin Clinic, we perform thorough biomechanical assessment and gait analysis to determine whether the custom orthotics would benefit your feet. The fabrication process of foot orthotics may involve a foam cast of your foot or electronic gait analysis. Once the mold is created, the customized foot orthotics will be created for the shoes that you desire to enhance your everyday performance and better protection of your feet. 


The feedback from a patient is essential for the best outcome of orthotics because, due to the nature of the foam that it is created in a static position, it is critical for a chiropractor to examine the vibrant positioning while the patient is strolling the orthotics after they are made.


If you still feel notable pain or discomfort even after two weeks, it is typically the indication for misalignment, which instantly needs to inform the chiropractor.

Jin Clinic

Custom Orthotics Price

  • Initial Assessment - $90

  • Orthotics – Please Contact


Customized Orthotics are made from Atlas/ TOG

Compression Stocking brands: JOBST/ THERAFIRM

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